Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Here at Moni Plus, with our friendly service and fast approval, applications will be processed on the same day provided all our requirements are met. We live up to our motto Fast, Quick and Easy on approving Personal Loans. Whether you need help with School Fees or want a Top-up Loan, we don’t want you to keep waiting.

It is very easy to get a top up loan provided the net pay can cater for the Loan Repayment and leave enough for living expenses.

We finance small unsecured personal loans for a variety of purposes such as:




Refinancing Guidelines

  1. Only existing Moni Plus customers with good repayment record will be considered for refinancing of loan.
  2. To refinance loans with the recognised and reputable finance companies.
  3. Client must have a good repayment record with other finance companies and must provide latest statement of account.
  4. After inclusion of other finance company’s deduction, current net pay must still meet the 50% requirement under General Order 20 for public servants.
  5. PVA and/or ISDA to be handled by our staff to ensure that other finance company’s deductions are ceased and Moni Plus deduction will commence.
  6. Disbursement of funds to the other finance companies will be done through Kundupei. Account number must be provided by client and to be confirmed by our staff.
  7. All other terms and conditions for Personal Loans apply.


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